Trailers and semitrailers

We make trailers and semitrailers for transporting pools and other lightweight large-sized cargo. These products feature lightweight and strong contruction and we only use high quality materials. We can also fully customize the trailer/semitrailer according to your needs. You can see an example of similar products in our projects gallery.

Represented brands

We offer AVIA trucks, FASSI construction cranes, CRANAB hydromanipulators, MARREL lifting systems, Ferrari Int2 hydraulic components, TAJFUN LIV manipulators for loading timber and scraps, PANAV trailers and semitraulers, BAR CARGOLIFT lifts for cargo lifting. We can also offer to purchase and install board and tipper bodies, also turn trucks, trailers and semitrailers into timber carriers. For the installation you can provide Your own chassis or we can suggest a chassis from a wide range of brands.

Our service will not only carry out installation and take care of registration papers but will also carry out warranty and post-warranty repair.