UAB „Autojarus Hidraulika” specializes not only in sales of construction and logistical machinery but can also offer repair and mounting services. Our experienced workers can carry out installation of wide spectrum of different machines, also warranty and post-warranty repair. Our mechanics underwent training at our products' factories and we have all the necessary hardware and software. We can install spare parts and grabs that can be bought in our shop.


UAB “Autojarus Hidraulika” customizes truck chassis for timber transportation, makes tipper truck bodies, prepares registration papers. Supertructure's strusts and stilts are made from special steel for such components and parts. We also install hydraulic cranes for laoding timber and scrap, rear board lifts, winches, additional air bags.

Aluminum welding

Spare parts

UAB „Autojarus Hidraulika” sells spare parts for Kamaz, Fassi, Avia and other represented brands. We also sell TUIMAZI concrete trucks' manafacturer's spare parts for concrete pumps and concrete mixers.

If You do not find information about spare parts for Your hydraulic device, please contact us. Our cooperation with manufacturers all around the world and our wide network of hydraulics specialists in Europe and beyond allow us to quickly find even the rarest parts.